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Curtain Walls

MCL provides design facade solutions for building envelopes from standard stick curtain wall systems to unitized, semi-unitized, and spider fitting facades. Whether it’s for commercial or residential projects we provide you with the best products in terms of quality, attractiveness, transparency, as well as energy-efficient solutions. Our Aluminium Curtain Walling offers a large range of aesthetical solutions and different styles for an elegant yet minimalistic look using top quality, structural glazing.

The facade of your building is a very prominent part of your exterior design because it sets the style and tone of your building at first glance. Hence, our curtain walling solutions are ideal for use in large-scale commercial applications. Likewise, our Aluminum frames are perfect for adding stunning Curtain Walls to your building, supporting glass, wall spanning, holding up multiple floors, all while reducing construction costs. Indeed, innovative and appealing designs makes these systems an ideal choice for commercial building projects