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Shower Cubicles

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Our variety of shower cubicle styles, including quadrant, sliding door, and wet room shower enclosures. As we make each shower enclosure from the finest materials available, you can be sure that your shower cubicle will stand the test of time. All our shower enclosures feature tempered or laminated safety glass Furthermore, our shower cubicles have a chrome encasing or twin roller design; this means that your glass is fully supported.

This ensures you have a varied selection to allow you choose a shower enclosure that will be the perfect style and fit for your bathroom. A frameless shower will add a touch of glamour and modernity to every bathroom and it matches any interior design.

A. Simple, yet refined.
B. Used in a small bathroom will make it look optically bigger.
C. Minimalistic, and the simplicity of its construction makes it easy to maintain the cleanness.
D. It is also safe with children.