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Gypsum and Acoustic Ceilings

MCL Supplies is a one Stop supplier of gypsum boards and related accessories in Kenya. We supply 12mm plasterboards (For Partitions) and 9mm plasterboards (For Ceilings). Our range of plasterboards include; Regular gypsum boards, moisture resistant gypsum boards, water resistant fiber cement boards and Fire resistant gypsum boards.

Our gypsum boards are not just durable and sturdy but also look stylish when used for partitioning any type of room. We take care of all the work, right from the installation of the gypsum boards to their maintenance. Our gypsum boards are economic, durable as well as versatile.

For gypsum work & gypsum partitions, we make use of top notch quality gypsum boards and take suitable measures to render first-class gypsum board installation. Get in touch with us to get the best quote for your gypsum board installation