Sliding Windows

Our sliding windows have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical window type. They offer security and strength. Sliding windows are a safe choice in homes and offices, as they do not protrude onto decks or walkways. They also provide smooth, quiet sliding with our high performance rollers. A range of sliding system configurations are available, with single, two-panel sliders and three-panel stacking.

Projected & Casement Windows and Curtain Walling Systems

Projected and Casement Windows

Projected aluminium windows also known as casement or sash windows are differentiated from fixed windows or sliding windows by the fact that they have ‘leafs’ or ‘sashes’ that swing out from the window’s outer frame. MCL casement windows can take one of two forms – top-hung or side-hung. Benefit of projected windows include ways to control wind, rain or ventilation into spaces to the exact degree that you like. Projected window units usually have a combination of fixed panes as well as opening sashes and can also be custom-designed to your specifications. In addition the casement window units can be built to fit seamlessly with fixed-pane windows, sliding doors or folding doors if you are looking to enclose a large opening, customise a shopfront, or design your building facade.

Curtain Walling Systems


MCL provides curtain walling solutions ideal for use in both large-scale and small commercial applications. Our aluminium frames are perfect for adding stunning curtain walls to your buildings, supporting glass walls spanning multiple floors while reducing construction costs.
Our curtain walling systems offer different styles, and any combination of vertical and inclined planes, to give you unlimited creative freedom and the most amount of natural light into your buildings. The Innovative design makes these systems an ideal choice for commercial building projects.

Double Glazed Windows

Our double glazed windows minimise heat loss, whilst specifying a high performance glass in the double glazed panel. These windows also restrict exterior sound pollution and noise.

For product features & indicative sizing, please feel free to contact us or download the brochure from our home page.

Fixed Windows

With no openable elements, our fixed windows provide light, access to views or enhance an architectural theme whilst enhancing security.

Easily configured to your project, they can be crafted in a host of styles, from small squares through long, thin custom windows.

Why consider our Aluminium Products

      • Aesthetically Pleasing.
      • Available in a wide range of colours.
      • Contemporary & Sophisticated.
      • Corrosion-Resistant.
      • ‘Design-friendly’, versatile material.
      • Light-Weight.
      • Strong & Durable.