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About Us

Modern Casement Limited commenced operations in kenya in 1996 and its one of Kenya’s leading distributors of Aluminium Profiles, we have been working on commercial and residential types of projects. We deal in all areas of aluminium like aluminium swing and sliding doors, aluminium folding doors, aluminium projecting windows, aluminium sliding and folding windows, aluminium curtain walling, aluminium partitions for offices and homes, aluminium cabinets, aluminium sections, aluminium powder coated sections, aluminium hammer finish sections. We also do aluminium fabrication as per your sizes. Get in touch for more information!

At MCL, we take pride in providing excellent customer service to our clients. Our team of highly skilled professionals are always friendly and ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need a quick turnaround on a quote or technical support while on site, we are dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need.

We Design

With an abundance of experience under our belts, our team thrives on collaborative efforts with builders, fabricators, and manufacturers in the glass and aluminium industries. Through rigorous collaboration, prototyping, and design refinements fueled by your feedback, we constantly strive to innovate.

Our specialty lies in crafting windows and doors that embody durability, aesthetics, innovation, and simplicity. Each project begins with a sketch and a brainstorming session, whether we’re creating a brand-new product or enhancing an existing one. Throughout this iterative process, we remain dedicated to steering every effort towards progress, consistently driving forward and relentlessly pursuing product excellence.

We Innovate

At Modern Casements, we are constantly pushing to bring out innovative services to meet our customers’ needs. Our team is constantly monitoring the global market to bring out the latest trends and market products in glass and aluminium to meet the evolving needs for our customers.

We believe in innovative products that push an existing product to serve better to our customers. Sometimes our team will modify existing production process to rationalize the service or production line to flow smoother. These can be subtle refinements, but ultimately impact can be significant.

We Serve

It’s not merely about checking off tasks; it’s about ingraining a fundamental and unwavering commitment to everything we do for our customers.

At Modern Casements, delivering unparalleled service is our cornerstone, one we safeguard and hold in high regard. Our service isn’t just a checkbox; it’s the epitome of exceptional interaction that enriches your overall experience with Canon Aluminium Fabricators.

We Commit

If there’s ever a chance to elevate our service and bring even more value to you, we’re all ears. And if any hiccup arises, rest assured we’ll tackle it head-on. Our dedication to quality shines through every facet of our operation – from the earliest stages of research and design to the final steps of logistics, customer care, and product delivery. We firmly believe that true quality begins at the very start. Instead of merely reacting to end results, our seasoned quality specialists meticulously oversee each phase of the journey, starting from the initial client interaction all the way to the moment our products are seamlessly integrated on-site. While spotting and resolving issues is crucial, our ultimate aim is to preempt and prevent them from resurfacing.